• A. Blayne Candy, co-founder and partner of Showcall Inc., retains extensive experience producing and managing corporate, sports marketing, television broadcast and technical production projects, regionally, nationally and internationally. When not producing or managing world summits, grand openings or product reveals he can be found speaking at industry conferences on the applications of technology in the event industry. Blayne served as technical production manager for the international merger of the Pricewaterhouse Coopers & Lybrand Global Automotive Team, an event which was conceived, designed and produced with three weeks lead time and executed in Madrid, Spain. Blayne served as the Technical Director, for the G8 Summit International Media Center, providing simultaneous live feeds and coverage for events and international media outlets around the world. Blayne has served as Technical Director for the Presidential Inaugural Celebration, Opening Ceremonies as well as events during the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.

    His impressive list of credits include, Technical liaison for the U.S. Center at the Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009, Executive Producer Summit TV/AFDC for the Pittsburgh Global Economic Summit 2009, Executive Producer for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Washington D.C. 2008, Technical Director for the US Commerce Department Webcast Tour 2009, Project Manager for BMW 2009 live web press conference, among many others.

    An avid cyclist and snowboarder Blayne resides in Maryland with his wife Amanda.

  • Ajay Patil, co-founder and partner of Showcall Inc. began his careers in the event production business over 25 years ago. Patil has a varied skill set that he has developed over the years working as a talent buyer; booking national acts, as a promoter; producing his own concerts, serving as a tour manager and lighting director on a number of rock and roll tours and finally by entering the special event industry as a sales executive/technical producer.

    Patil co-founded Showcall with A. Blayne Candy and has spent the last several years growing the company and producing a variety of high profile, large format events such as Pope Benedict XVI’s Mass for 47,000 at Nationals Stadium, the G20 Summit in Washington DC, the Annapolis Mideast Peace Conference and the George W. Bush Library Dedication. Most recently Patil led the charge on the launch of Showcall’s newest division that focuses on event security related needs by supporting the federal law enforcement agencies in their efforts to secure high threat, large format events including the 56th Presidential Inauguration, International Summits and Political Conventions.

  • Mel Lukens Having begun his career in the field of advance operations as a volunteer, Mel first worked for the White House Advance office in 1976 when former President Gerald R. Ford came to Evansville for a campaign visit. In November of 1979, another opportunity presented itself for Lukens to participate in the advance operations for then-Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan. Lukens advanced numerous trips across the country for Reagan and ended up being asked to help coordinate the Inaugural celebration in Washington, D.C. in 1981. Lukens moved to Washington in anticipation of a three-month commitment for the Inaugural and ended up with a job in the Administration of President Ronald Reagan. Lukens’ government career began at the Department of Health and Human Services as a Confidential Assistant to the Secretary of the department. He rose thru the ranks and ended his career at HHS after eight years as the Executive Assistant to the Secretary, the highest ranking official at the department not subject to Senate confirmation.

    After President George H.W. Bush took office, Lukens was asked to join the White House Presidential Advance Office in 1989. Lukens served as a Senior Advance Representative and traveled across the nation and the world in support of the President and the White House. In 1990, he was promoted to Deputy Director, White House Presidential Advance. His duties included coordination of all operational activities including assignment of advance personnel, liaison with United States Secret Service, the White House Military Office, the White House Communications Agency and coordination of the President’s schedule with advance teams on the road. Lukens later was asked to assist with the 2000 campaign of George W. Bush. Following the announcement of George W. Bush as our 43rd President, Lukens was asked to return to Washington to coordinate the advance activities for the Inaugural ceremonies in January, 2001. Following the 2001 Inaugural, Lukens coordinated corporate and government events ranging in size from 50 people to more than 1000 attendees.

    Over the course of the last few years, Lukens has specialized in Operations and Logistical Management coordinating large-scale projects with multiple vendors. Managing these projects, Lukens has excelled in his expertise in coordinating many and varied elements of large scale projects. Projects have included two G-20 Summits, the 2009 Presidential Inaugural and the Nuclear Security Summit in April 2010. While not working on large scale events, Lukens continues his work on turn-key conference and event management for Federal Government clients ranging from 25 – 50 person meetings to 750 – 1000 person conferences.

  • Sean Brosnan - Production Manager

  • Mike Matthews - Director of Conference & Meeting Planning

    Mike Matthews joined Showcall as Director of Conference & Meeting Planning and Senior Designer after 12 successful years in corporate planning. Over the course of his career, Mike has planned hundreds of events, meetings, tradeshows, conventions and incentive trips. Some of the many highlights include a surprise incentive trip for 1,000 with charter flights, police escorts and private tours in San Francisco; conventions for over 2,500 with such speakers as Tony Robbins, Lou Holtz, and Ben Stein, as well as acts such as K.C. & the Sunshine Band, Gladys Knight, and Wayne Newton; and company kick-offs to motivate and inspire employees to engage in new strategies and goals. Mike attained his CMP designation in 2005.

  • James LaBarre - Production & Management

    James began his career in event productions at EPCOT at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fl. He began working in the area of special effects, pyrotechnics and laser operations with the "Surprise in the Skies" show on the EPCOT lagoon. He then moved on to other areas of special effects, working on the "Illuminations" and "Splashtacular" shows at the theme parks as well as other special events throughout the country and the world.

    In 1994 James began the second stage of his endeavor into event productions, when he began work as a lighting technician and crew chief for BSL Productions in Baltimore, Md. Moving forward in the lighting field he became one of the top lighting designers and programmers for BSL. While at BSL Productions James worked as master electrician and lead rigger for a variety of high profile events. While with BSL Productions, he began the move into full production management, managing entire event packages including all required drafting and rigging plans, budgets, schedules and all crewing requirements.

    Since 2003 James has worked with Showcall Inc, first as a lighting designer and rigging consultant, designing the lighting and rigging for such events as The Boeing 767 tanker launch, (2) Presidential Inaugurations, (2) Republican Governors Association meetings the G20 Conferences in Washington DC and Pittsburgh, PA. He now also serves one of r Showcall’s Senior Project Managers and has helped to produce such events as the APEC Summit & Ministerial Meetings, the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC , and The George W. Bush Library Dedication.

    James continues to work with Showcall Inc on a full time basis helping to manage all aspects of events, from "live" special events and concerts to TV lighting and corporate events. In addition to project management James also excels at drafting/ renderings and labor & budget overviews.

  • Jason Ivie - Video Engineer/IT Specialist

    Video Engineer Jason Ivie is technically proficient in video distribution and routing. He is qualified and knowledgeable in the art of sending signal via traditional cable, fiber, Ethernet and wireless modalities while maintaining signal integrity.

    Jason served as the Engineer in Charge of video signal dispersion and systems integration at the 2008 G20 Summit held in Washington, D.C. Again in September, 2009, Jason filled this leadership role at the Pittsburgh G20 Summit followed by the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington DC. In addition to his professional acumen, Jason Ivie also brings integrity, gracious dignity and warmth of personality to every project, strong qualities which enhance the success of the team.

  • Jay Collins - Senior Sales Executive

    Jay Collins has been in the event support business for over 20 years. He has vast experience in power, power distribution, temperature control, and sales and operations management. Events that he has been a part of include the MLB All Star games, Disney Teacher Awards, Countless White House events on the South Lawn, presidential inaugurations, and the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden. During the RNC, Jay not only designed and provided all the power generation & distribution for the multi-day televised event, but also provided massive cooling systems for Madison Square Gardens to accommodate the larger than usual capacity of attendees.

    Past experiences include being a Regional Manager for Kohler Event Services, a branch manager for Aggreko, and a District manager for United Rentals.

  • Elizabeth Makkai

    A DC based event professional since early 2003, Elizabeth Makkai’s experience in the event world ranges from designing and project managing large format structure tenting staging and rental supplies for some of the most complex events in Washington, DC and beyond. With a background that couples designing and implementing scenic and decorative elements with the planning and execution of detailed logistical installations for out door events, Elizabeth brings a unique and varied level of technical and practical expertise to our team.

    With participation in events such as the 2005 Celebration of Freedom Concert for President George W. Bush, multiple Government Summits in both Washington, DC and Pittsburgh, PA and the Library of Congress’ National Book Festival under her belt, Elizabeth’s varied experiences coupled with superior customer service skills make her an invaluable assed to her clients.

    A native of Tucson, AZ, Elizabeth attended the University of Arizona before moving East to Washington. Ten years’ experience in hospitality management let to event management and a career which includes employment with Select Event Rentals and Hargrove, Inc. before finally landing at Showcall.

  • Rebecca Stirrett

    Hailing from Michigan, but based in DC since early 2005, Stirrett’s experience in the event world is as diverse as the locations in which she has honed her talents. While Rebecca has now joined the Showcall Team full-time, she in fact has been part of the team on and off for 9 years, beginning by serving as Showcall's Manager of Event Operations & Protocol at the US Pavilion at the World Exposition in Aichi, Japan. Rebecca has also served in a variety of critical roles for Showcall on a numbers of other notable events including the White House Conference on Helping America's Youth, Presidential Inaugurations, The George W. Bush Library Dedication and the JFK 50th Anniversary.

    Outside of Showcall, Rebecca kept very busy developing her skills set, as she worked in event operations and provided logistical support for the Chartwell Education Group and Akinscrisp Public Strategies. Most recently, Rebecca spent 5 years refining her large event and venue management skills by working at Events DC as a Senior Events Manager. At Events DC, Rebecca managed a myriad of events ranging in size from 1,000 to 20,000 in three unique venues: RFK Stadium, the DC Armory and RFK Festival Grounds (comprising more than 100 acres of event space). It as during her time at Events DC that Rebecca became an expert on large-format, outdoor events as she managed a large number of premiere events including Nike World Basketball Festival, the USO Military Bowl, AT&T Nation's Football Classic, Dayglow/Life In Color, the Marine Corps Marathon Health and Fitness Expo, the DC101 Chili Cookoff and DC United Games.

    Stirrett will focus her activities on managing accounts and project managing events on a global basis for Showcall.

  • Billie-Jo Gephardt.

    Office Manager

  • Christie Riley.

    Associate Account Manager

  • Mike Vlahos.


  • Spencer E. Geissinger.


    Spencer E. Geissinger has served in high-level management positions in both the public and private sectors. He has served U.S. Cabinet Secretaries, Vice Presidents, and three Presidents of the United States in key capacities that included the US Department of Labor, the US Department of State, and the White House. He has orchestrated multi-national summits, coordinated international protocol, planned four Presidential Inaugurals and has served in publicly-traded and privately-owned companies in a number of high level posts.Before moving into the private sector, he served in the U.S. Government as the Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States for Operations and Advance at the White House and as Assistant Chief of Protocol at the U.S. Department of State. Mr. Geissinger oversaw the seamless integration of dozens of military, security, and operational agencies and components involved in the execution of the Presidential traveling footprint including the United States Secret Service, the White House Military Office, the Presidential Airlift Group, the Presidential Helicopter Squadron, and the White House Communications Agency. Mr. Geissinger served as a key advisor to the White House Chief of Staff and advised on essential White House operations including management, administration, budgeting, and directives and policies. Additionally, Mr. Geissinger provided strategic advice and direction to the White House Senior Staff regarding execution, planning, protocol and messaging related to Presidential trips and events and has led United States Delegations and has represented the White House and the United States on Presidential and site survey trips to over 98 foreign countries. He oversaw the multi-agency team that selected cities, sites and locations for Presidential events and trips across the globe including the 2004 G-8 Summit in Sea Island, Georgia. Most recently, Mr. Geissinger was the White House principal appointed to plan and execute the 2008 Emergency G-20 Summit in Washington, DC.

  • Rob Corbett.


  • Matt Long.


  • Kurt Uebersax.

    Kurt Uebersax has been working in feature film, television, and commercial production for 15 years. As Showcall's Content Producer, Kurt supervises all aspects of concept, budgeting, and implementing creative content for Showcall's clients. With humble beginnings as a production assistant, Kurt moved through the ranks as a technician, and eventually earned his status an established Producer, Production Manager, and Assistant Director. Kurt's credits encompass many feature films- including working with the Cohen Brother's on Burn After Reading, and Steven Speilberg on Minority Report; as well as multiple television series'- including Homicide- Life on the Street, The West Wing, America's Most Wanted, and Law and Order: SVU.

    In event production, Kurt has brought his considerable knowledge of show business and applied it as a Senior Project Manager and Technical Director for Showcall. Kurt has been the Senior or Asst. Project Manager on two G-20 Summits (Washington DC 2008, Pittsburgh 2009), and the G-50/Nuclear Security Summit (Washington DC). He has also tour-managed and technically produced traveling shows and webcast events both domestically and abroad.

    Kurt is a Member of the Director's Guild of America, and is a graduate of the DGA's 2-year Assistant Director/Producer training program. With extensive experience in both multi-camera event and single camera drama formats, Kurt brings his considerable experience to bear on your project, be it a short video postcard message or an elaborate scripted narrative.

    An avid outdoor enthusiast, Kurt enjoys Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, and Backpacking with his wife Meredith, and their daughter Sophia.

  • Mark Bentley.


  • Alexandra Mack.

    Administrative Assistant

  • Michelle Parrozzo: Raised in Austin and a Political Science graduate of Texas A&M, Parrozzo's roots run deep in Texas. Michelle spent her immediate post college years working in the Bush White House by serving in a number of roles including working in the Management and Administration Office under the Chief of Staff, Secretary Andy Card, Michelle also Served as an advance representative for the Office of the First Lady, planning logistics and operations for both domestic and international events including Mrs. Bush's participation in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Finally, she was appointed the Deputy White House Liaison for the Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary of Defense, where among other duties, she was a member of the team that managed the transition of power for the first time during a time of war in 40 years.

    Following Michelle's Washington career, she managed logistics and operations for internationally known and acclaimed Christian women's speaker, Beth Moore, as she traveled in support of Living Proof Ministries. Michelle also worked at Baylor University as Director of Strategic Partnerships and Director of Donor Engagements. Here she planned and executed events for Baylor University participation during both the 2012 NCAA Men and Women's Basketball Tournaments, 2012 Holiday Bowl and all logistics for a delegation of Baylor officials in Hong Kong and Beijing, China.

    Michelle worked as an event consultant on the Dedication of The George W. Bush Presidential Library and JFK 50th Anniversary Event. Most recently, Michelle worked as the Brand Managing Director for the Women of Faith Tour, where she again managed logistics and operations for a faith-based traveling group that touched over 130,000 attendees in 23 cities across the nation, before joining the Showcall Team.